Tips For A Successful Baseball Evaluation

There is nothing like the start of a new season. Seeing old teammates, meeting coaches, and getting ready to take on upcoming challenges that will arise.

Amongst all that excitement, it is inevitable that players feel nervous leading up to the season. There is only so much room on each team, and it is important athletes put their best foot forward when preparing for their tryouts. Here are our tips for ensuring evaluation success:

Be prepared. Plan ahead. Visualize.

Set your gear out the night before, organizing everything from your playing gear to your water bottle. Decide what your day will look like leading up to the first session, and plan ahead to make sure there is enough time to get to the event. Visualize the impression you want to leave for the coaches. The more mental preparation put in leading up to the tryout, the more comfortable you will feel when it is taking place.


Understand which drills will be ran.

Many organizations will provide you with drills they plan on running during a tryout. Ask your coach or group what drills will be the focus so that you can be prepared. If you can’t access this information, focus on the basics. Prepare for drills similar to game warm ups, last years tryouts, or drills that are specialized to your position.  

Arrive Early

The first impression is a big one, and arriving early will automatically show that you care about the team. You want the first time you are noticed to be for something positive… not for something like showing up late! Being early shows readiness, commitment, and also teaches athletes the importance and benefits of punctuality that will help them later in life.

Hustle EVERY Second

Coaches don’t stop watching when the drills stop. Continue to hustle and put in effort even when the drills wrap up. Hustle in from the outfield, hustle back to the next drill, and even hustle when you think no one is watching. Always put your highest level of effort into drills as well as getting on and off the field.


Have a Good Attitude

As much as playing abilities matter, an athletes attitude trumps all. Through your actions, you can prove that you are someone who deals with adversity well, respect those around you, and that you are coachable.

Good luck out there!