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Reasons I Wish SkillShark Existed When I Was Going Through Tryouts

Growing up, sports were a central part of my life. Both of my parents were sports enthusiasts and I grew up at the slow-pitch diamonds while my parents played in tournaments. I have experience in...
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Complete SportsEngine Integration Is LIVE!

Import Players > Evaluate > Create Teams > Export Rosters
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Tips For Volleyball Tryouts

The start of a new season means one thing: tryouts. While both exciting and nerve wracking for athletes, coaches also face emotions heading into the new season. There is plenty to be done with tryout...
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New SkillShark Integration: SportsEngine Registration Data

We are making things even easier!
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Why Parents Should Encourage Coaches To Use An Evaluation Software

Picture this: a tryout where parents feel confident in the evaluation process, understand drills and evaluation metrics that took place, and know exactly what the next steps are for their child’s...
evaluations tryout youthsport coach parents

Bridging the Gap Between Coaches and Parents

There are many Coach Evaluation Tips that can be shared for running a smooth evaluation. Expanding on that topic, let's deep dive into bridging the gap between coaches and parents during an...
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Evaluations are over, so now what?

Parents, coaches, associations and players can all agree on one thing- evaluations are stressful.  Players compete in jam packed sessions of testing, training and evaluations before awaiting their...
evaluations tryout sport youthsport hockey volleyball football baseball lacrosse

Top 3 Tips for Athletes Wanting a College Scholarship