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High Level Planning And Execution Tips For Athlete Evaluations

A successfully executed evaluation requires a great deal of planning and organization. Often, the high level details are forgotten as the small tasks of the day add up. Here are our high level...
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SkillShark Athlete Evaluations Teams Up with One Dream Zero Distraction

A Home Run Partnership Between SkillShark and the 1 Dream Awards
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The Benefits of an Athlete Evaluation Software for Coaches

Sport technologies are constantly evolving and the need for practical innovations is becoming increasingly evident in every season that passes. Technology can take a usually manual process and...
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Bridging the Gap Between Coaches and Parents

A few weeks ago, we discussed Coach Evaluation Tips for running a smooth evaluation. Today, we expand on that topic and deep dive into bridging the gap between coaches and parents during an...
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Training for Tryouts? Keep it simple.

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Tips For A Successful Baseball Evaluation

There is nothing like the start of a new season. Seeing old teammates, meeting coaches, and getting ready to take on upcoming challenges that will arise.
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SkillShark & Payball Partnership

SkillShark and Payball- the evaluation dream team.
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Testimonial Tuesday: with Danny Demchenko

Monday nights are to football, as Tuesday mornings are to testimonials...or at least around here at SkillShark!
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Evaluation Tips for Parents

Many situations arise where parents are not satisfied with an organizations decisions of whose kids made the top team... especially when it’s your child who did not make the cut.  Any complaints done...
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Evaluations are over, so now what?

Parents, coaches, associations and players can all agree on one thing- evaluations are stressful.  Players compete in jam packed sessions of testing, training and evaluations before awaiting their...