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The Competitive Advantage Of Using A Player Evaluation Software

When we think of sports, we think of competition. While the assumption is usually made for players on the court or field, there is a high level of competition off the playing surface as well....
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Why Parents Should Encourage Coaches To Use An Evaluation Software

Picture this: a tryout where parents feel confident in the evaluation process, understand drills and evaluation metrics that took place, and know exactly what the next steps are for their child’s...
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The Benefits of an Athlete Evaluation Software for Coaches

Sport technologies are constantly evolving and the need for practical innovations is becoming increasingly evident in every season that passes. Technology can take a usually manual process and...
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Benefits of Running a Mid-Season Evaluation

We can all agree that a well executed evaluation sets the tone for the year. Modern day technologies prove to make the process even simpler and athletes, coaches and parents all benefit from the data...
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Bridging the Gap Between Coaches and Parents

A few weeks ago, we discussed Coach Evaluation Tips for running a smooth evaluation. Today, we expand on that topic and deep dive into bridging the gap between coaches and parents during an...

Ready, Set, REFER!

We think it is pretty neat that we have thousands of coaches and organizations saving time and modernizing their evaluation process. Or as we call it... thousands of people that have reached...
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Coach Evaluation Tips

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Tips For A Successful Baseball Evaluation

There is nothing like the start of a new season. Seeing old teammates, meeting coaches, and getting ready to take on upcoming challenges that will arise.

The Proactive Solution for Cell Phone Use In Locker Rooms

We know that cell phones are a constant in our lives…many of you are probably reading this on a mobile device right now! Whether checking in on the big game, posting a picture of a championship win,...
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Testimonial Tuesday: with Danny Demchenko

Monday nights are to football, as Tuesday mornings are to testimonials...or at least around here at SkillShark!